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Unboxing Videos Are Dead. Here's Why.

All of us have thought about buying a product,and said “Maybe I should see what other people think about this product”

Having this idea, they visited these 15 minutes to 2 Hr long videos of someone reviewing a keyboard. Now, by no means this is bad. This is important if you are the type of person that doesn’t really care about the details. You are mostly concerned about the job that this product could do for you.

Occasionally, there are some videos that do get straight to the point of the product. But, you have to go through a lot of clutter, or irrelevant videos, before you find that single unboxing video.

Nowadays, there isn’t a point of making a video on unboxing when you could search the product online and look at the reviews on the website. You can also freely download operating manuals of products in pdf format. Nowadays we don't have to do a mistake to learn something. We can learn from other's mistakes. That's why online reviews come in handy.

If you go on Nike’s website and click on a shoe you might want to buy, there are tens of hundreds of reviews on their website. Ask yourself, what’s the point of spending your time watching a 30 minute video, when you could just get the same information in 5 minutes? There may be one, but question is, what are you looking for?

A lot of videos like that aren’t even trying to educate you, they are just trying to profit. Many companies sponsor a YouTuber with lots of money, just to try to sell it to you. This is called as influencer marketing. You won’t even hear what’s bad about it. You would only hear the good stuff that product could do for you.

I would say that utilize your time wisely on videos. Look for content that cuts to the chase.

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