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9 Amazing Things You Can Do In Canva

Make The Background Transparent: Canva allows you to make the background of your image transparent. If you need a picture for your passport or visa, you don't have to look for wall with white paint or curtain. You can use the pro feature of Canva to remove background, which will automatically appear white . You can then upload this image on to the web portal or document you wish.

Save Designs: If a particular design worked for you in the past, save it for future use. Canva automatically saves your designs unless you move them into the trash. All you have to do is to change text or image for future content, while maintaining the consistency in design.

Drag And Drop − The drag and drop feature of Canva makes it user−friendly. You can use templates and photos in your design in just a few clicks. There is no coding involved. You can move images directly from your desktop into the Canva editor.

Use Templates − Canva has a library of over 50,000 templates that you can choose, edit, and customize as per your needs. Also, new templates are regularly added to the existing library. You don't have to start from scratch for your designing needs.

Photo editing − You can do more than basic cropping and texturing photos in Canva. With its beginner-friendly features, you can blur your photos, add texts, create collages and photo grids that will produce an engrossing impression.

Magic Write - This tool allows you to write website copy or presentation summaries. For example, you can ask Magic Write to list social media strategy ideas for restaurant promotion. The tool takes into account the type of project you’re working in when suggesting copy. In addition to the expanded availability, Canva announced that Magic Write is now available in various languages.

Brand Kit - One aspect of design when communicating is a consistent theme– that includes fonts, colors, and graphics. Canva offers a Brand Kit to maintain the consistency. Customize your creations with preset fonts and color schemes. This is great for creating content for brand awareness on social media.

Presentation Tools - Teachers and presenters can seamlessly present and record their presentations and share the recording through a downloaded video or link. In addition to present and record, teachers are able to bring excitement to their presentations with Canva magic shortcuts. While presenting, teachers can press the shift key and the question mark key to see a list of the commands available: Blur the screen, bring up a drumroll, shush the class, or even bring up a timer. These built-in presentation tools can make your transition time and engagement in lessons even greater.

Exporting - Canva comes with a number of additional exporting and sharing options that are very convenient for marketers and content creators. You can export your file as the following in Canva’s free plan:




Standard & Print

MP4 Video


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