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Why Most People Make Bad Food decisions?

We all love food. Even if you don’t, you can’t deny that you need it. Most of us can

agree that something like pizza may taste better than broccoli, but to what point do we

really need it?

We are all consumed by this image that healthier things don’t taste

good. This belief needs to be challenged as it is false.

The biggest reason why we eat unhealthy is because, it is much more quicker than

cooking. Tell me this. Would you rather cook for 45 minutes to cook something that

tastes good, and is healthy for you? Or would you rather wait 10 minutes for something

that tastes great, but isn’t healthy. This same thing could also make you feel slow and

disgusting after eating.

Most of us are just too lazy to put in the effort to cook, so we eat out. Fast food is also

much cheaper than cooking, this is why you see many people lining up in drive-thru's

of various restaurants. Some people cannot afford normal grocery prices so they are

forced to either eat this unhealthy food, or starve.

Many of us however, eat out because we thinks it “tastes better”. However, that is

due to the fact many of us lack cooking skills. People have to realize that everything

you can order at a fancy restaurant or even Subway, was made by using grocery items.

If you learn how to cook and put in the effort, then you can make a delicious meal just

like you could order from your favourite restaurant.

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