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NDAEB - Clinical Practical Evaluation ( CPE ). Things You Should Know.

Updated: Feb 25

Let's learn what this exam is about, and how can we pass NDAEB's CPE Exam. But, before that, let's understand who are the people who can participate in this exam.

This exam is basically for any dental professional who is allowed to be trained and interested to work as a dental assistant in Canada. Now, if you have undertaken any education or any program outside of Canada, and you want to work as a dental assistant in Canada, and you think that your education, training and experiences qualify you to become a dental assistant in Canada, this is a way to go.

This is the exam that you need to undertake, in order to showcase that you are able to perform all the duties or responsibilities that are applicable to a dental assistant in Canada. So starting with that, it is for graduates of non accredited institutions in Canada, and out of Canada applicants.

There are some institutes in Canada which are still non accredited. This means that you have to write this clinical practical evaluation once you have completed the program, even in Canada. So if you know anybody who is willing to join or interested to join a Dental Assisting program, it is a wise thing to double check, whether that institute is non accredited or accredited. This will help them find if they have to write this clinical practical evaluation exam.

There are some Institutes that are still in the process of accreditation. This is one major thing to consider before joining their program, as you have to write this exam once you have completed this program. But otherwise, if you are an internationally trained dentist and you want to earn a decent livelihood and get into this profession, then you still have to write this clinical practical evaluation before you could license yourself or get the permission to practice as a dental assistant in Canada.

Now for those people who think that they went through that immigration process, and why not just write this exam outside Canada, and once they have progressed to the stage where they are ready to migrate, they can go ahead and find the job right away. Well, in that case, this might not work because this exam is not available outside of Canada. So if you plan on writing this exam, make sure you make arrangements for a visa or a permit. In order to visit Canada to write this exam, immigration rules will apply. I won't go into detail about those. So find out those before you apply, as application fees could be non refundable.

In this exam, nine clinical skills will be tested . But keep that in mind, that things could be slightly different as how you have worked clinically in your home country. In Canada, there are some infection control guidelines and protocols that needs to be followed during the completion of these skills. All these nine skills will be tested in one day, which means that you have been assigned one day when your exam will be taken. And in that time period you have to perform all those nine skills.

Let's say if you are not able to pass all the skills in first attempt. This means you have to register for those particular skills that you are not able to pass . You don't have to appear for whole examination again. This time, your examination time slot will be shorter. It won't be your all day exam.

At the moment of writing this article, the fee for this exam is around CAD 1750. And if somebody has to retake this exam, it's CAD 365 per skill. And again, this could change in the coming months or coming year. So I won't address that much on this aspect. If you are ready to find out more about what this evaluation is, again, there is a link there that you can go ahead and go on to that website and find out more about it.

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