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Heritage Lane Dental: Where Care Meets Expertise"

Welcome to Heritage Lane Dental , an oasis of oral health nestled in the heart of our community in Edmonton . We believe in the transformative power of a radiant smile, and our dedicated team is here to make that belief a reality for each patient who walks through our doors.

Dr. Dela Cruz - A Visionary with Heart

Meet the driving force behind Heritage Lane Dental , Dr. Dela Cruz. Born in Philippines, raised in Canada, Dr. Dela Cruz embarked on a transformative journey that led her to the flourishing fields of dentistry. Her pursuit of excellence took her to the prestigious University of Alberta, where she honed her skills and acquired the knowledge that forms the foundation of her distinguished career.

Dr. A. Dela Cruz
Dr. Armelyn Dela Cruz

Dr. Dela Cruz's story is not just one of professional success but a testament to the pursuit of dreams and the resilience that defines her character. Migrating from Philippines to Canada was not merely a geographical shift; it was a leap of faith, driven by a vision to make a meaningful impact in the field of dentistry.

Beyond the confines of the dental office, Dr. Dela Cruz is a multifaceted individual with a zest for life. Her interests extend far beyond the realm of dentistry, encompassing a love for baking, gardening, and camping on majestic mountains. It's this holistic approach to life that resonates throughout Heritage Lane Dental .

In the clinic, Dr. Dela Cruz's commitment to patient-centric care is evident in every interaction. Her warm demeanor and genuine concern create an atmosphere where patients feel not only cared for but truly understood. Whether discussing treatment plans or sharing gardening tips, Dr. Dela Cruz bridges the gap between professional expertise and personal connection.

Moreover, her love for baking often translates into delightful surprises for both staff and patients. The aroma of freshly baked treats wafting through the clinic is not uncommon, adding a touch of homely warmth to the dental experience.

As an avid gardener, Dr. Dela Cruz understands the importance of nurturing growth, a philosophy that extends beyond plants to the professional and personal development of his team. Her leadership style cultivates an environment where every team member is encouraged to blossom, contributing to the overall success of the clinic.

Dr. Sania Garewal - Nurturing Smiles and a New Beginning

Let's turn our attention to the vibrant Dr. Sania Garewal, an integral part of Heritage Lane Dental . A proud graduate of the University of Alberta, Dr. Garewal brings a blend of academic excellence and compassionate care to our dental family.

Beyond the dental realm, Dr. Garewal's spirit of exploration extends to her love for travel, embracing diverse cultures and landscapes. Her adventures not only enrich her worldview but infuse a sense of curiosity into her approach to dentistry.

Dr. Sania Garewal

In the spirit of creation, Dr. Garewal is not just an artisan of smiles but a skilled baker, renowned for her mouthwatering banana bread. This culinary prowess adds a delightful flavor to the clinic.

As Dr. Garewal nurtures smiles in the clinic, she eagerly anticipates another kind of new beginning—a bundle of joy soon to grace her own home.

Dr. Jabeen Khan - Precision in Dentistry, Passion in Life.

Meet Dr. Jabeen Khan, a seasoned professional with a passion for both precision dentistry and life's rich tapestry. Graduating with a Bachelor's in Dental Surgery from MM University, Ambala, India, Dr. Khan's educational journey continued with a Master's of Science in Dentistry. She further honed her expertise through the pursuit of an Advanced Standing Doctor of Dental Medicine at Boston University's Goldman School of Dentistry.

Dentist in Edmonton
Dr. Jabeen Khan

Beyond the dental realm, Dr. Khan is an avid traveler, finding joy in road trips that lead to the discovery of new places, cultures, and traditions. Her adventurous spirit is complemented by a love for DIY projects, constantly picking up new skills to broaden her horizons. However, amidst the excitement of exploration and learning, Dr. Khan cherishes downtime with family and close friends, recognizing the importance of balance in a bustling professional and personal life.

Dr. Jabeen Khan not only brings precision and expertise to her dental practice but also embodies a vibrant spirit that celebrates the richness of both the dental and personal spheres.

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Anju - Orchestrating Seamless Experiences

As we shift our focus from the dentist's chair to the meticulous planning behind the scenes, we encounter Anju, the heartbeat of Heritage Lane Dental as our esteemed Treatment Coordinator. Originally hailing from India, Anju brought with her a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and a dedication to excellence when she joined our team in 2015.

Anju's journey into the world of dentistry administration was guided by her passion for creating seamless patient experiences. Her role as a Treatment Coordinator involves a delicate dance of organization and empathy, ensuring that every patient receives the personalized care they deserve.

Beyond her proficiency in treatment coordination, Anju is a culinary enthusiast with a penchant for crafting delectable chicken recipes. Her love for cooking extends the nurturing spirit of Heritage Lane Dental her culinary creations, providing the team with delightful moments of shared joy.

Off-duty, you might find Anju exploring the local shopping scene, indulging in retail therapy that adds a spark to her vibrant personality. Her keen eye for detail and love for all things aesthetic not only enhance the clinic's ambiance but also contribute to the overall patient experience.

A great communicator, Anju effortlessly bridges the gap between patients and the clinical team. Her warmth and ability to make everyone feel heard make her an invaluable asset to Heritage Lane Dental.

Justine - Harmony in Dental Assistance

Meet Justine, the artistic soul and skilled dental assistant at Heritage Lane Dental. A proud graduate from NAIT, Justine brings her technical expertise and a vibrant artistic touch to our dental family.


In the dental realm, Justine's meticulous approach and dedication shine through in her work. Her NAIT education provides a solid foundation, ensuring that every procedure flows seamlessly, contributing to the overall patient experience.

Beyond the clinical setting, Justine adds a melodious note to our dental symphony. Her love for singing and listening to songs while working creates an ambiance of harmony. The dental chair becomes a stage, and every procedure a performance, as Justine infuses positivity through the power of music. In real life, Justine graces the stage as a captivating performer in her live musical band.

Artistry extends beyond the dental procedures for Justine. A talented drawer and painter, her creativity brings an extra layer of beauty to the clinic.

As we explore the diverse talents within Heritage Lane Dental , Justine stands as a testament to the multidimensional nature of our team.

Sonia - Precision, Passion, and a Personal Touch

Sonia, our esteemed dental hygienist at Heritage Lane Dental , brings a unique fusion of analytical prowess and compassionate care to our dynamic team. Her educational journey commenced at MacEwan University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in accounting, demonstrating her dedication to precision and detail.

Eager to expand her horizons, Sonia furthered her studies at the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, where she earned her dental hygiene diploma with honors.

Sonia, RDH

 As an active member of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, Sonia remains at the forefront of advancements in dental hygiene practices.

Beyond the clinical setting, Sonia is a passionate explorer, finding joy in traversing new landscapes. Her love for baking extends into her off-duty pursuits, and cherished moments with family and friends form the core of her downtime.

Sonia's journey from commerce to dental hygiene exemplifies the diverse talents within Heritage Lane Dental. With precision, passion, and a personal touch, Sonia crafts not only healthy smiles but lasting connections with our patients.

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Sehar - Weaving Destiny and Elevating Care

Meet Sehar, a dental hygienist at Heritage Lane Dental , whose journey is a tapestry of fate and dedication. Sehar embarked on her dental career in Wetaskiwin at Dr. Dela Cruz's husband's clinic, unknowingly setting the stage for a future in Edmonton at Heritage Lane Dental

Sehar , RDH

Sehar's professional canvas expands beyond her clinical expertise. She earned her dental hygiene diploma from Vancouver with high honors, a testament to her commitment to excellence. This achievement enriches her patient care at Heritage Lane Dental , ensuring a meticulous approach to dental hygiene.

Beyond her dental prowess, Sehar is a storyteller, both on and off the stage. Her passion for acting, love for baking, and a zest for travel contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the clinic. As a badminton enthusiast and fitness advocate, Sehar embodies the dynamic spirit that defines Heritage Lane Dental, where every smile is not just cared for but celebrated.

Payal - Crafting Smiles and Culinary Adventures

Meet Payal, our dedicated dental hygienist at Heritage Lane Dental , whose passions extend beyond the dental chair into the realms of exploration and culinary delights. With a heart for travel and a palate that savors vegetarian and vegan delicacies, Payal's journey is a tapestry of experiences.

Payal, RDH

Beyond her professional role, Payal finds solace in the kitchen. Cooking isn't just a skill for her; it's a therapeutic escape. When faced with challenges or in need of a stress buster, Payal turns to the art of cooking, transforming ingredients into moments of tranquility.

Her love for learning is evident in her pursuits. Whether jet-setting to new destinations, experimenting with vegan recipes, or delving into the world of baking, Payal embodies a spirit of perpetual growth.

Driven by a passion for both her career and personal development, Payal is a beacon of inspiration at Heritage Lane Dental . Her journey is a testament to the vibrant culture that defines our clinic—a place where every team member is encouraged to flourish, both professionally and personally.

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Kay - A Culinary Artist and Aspiring Dentist

Meet Kay, our Sterilization Technician at Heritage Lane Dental , whose journey weaves the tale of resilience and ambition. Originally an internationally trained dentist from the Philippines, Kay migrated with a dream of continuing her dental career in Canada. Currently preparing for equivalency exams, she brings a wealth of dental knowledge to her role.

Beyond the clinic's sterilization processes, Kay's love for cooking and baking adds a flavorful touch to our team dynamics. Her culinary creations are a source of joy, bringing the aroma of homemade delights to Heritage Lane Dental

In the delicate balance of pursuing professional aspirations and nurturing a young daughter, Kay stands as a symbol of determination. As we share her story, we celebrate not only her commitment to sterilization excellence but also her journey towards realizing her dentistry dreams.

Zulfiyaa - In Dentistry and Beyond

Meet Zulfiyaa, the dedicated scheduler at our dental office who goes beyond managing appointments. With a passion for dental hygiene, Zulfiyaa ensures that patients book timely visits for optimal oral health. Beyond her commitment to dental care, she harbors ambitious goals, aiming to complete a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Her aspirations extend further as she envisions acquiring the knowledge and skills required for a master's degree.


Outside the dental realm, Zulfiyaa is a multifaceted individual with diverse hobbies. From the rhythm of knitting and the precision of sewing to the immersive worlds found in books and the expressive strokes of drawing, she finds joy in various creative pursuits. Additionally, her love for dancing and the serenity of long walks outdoors showcase her vibrant and active lifestyle. Zulfiyaa is not just an integral part of our dental team; she embodies a blend of dedication, intellect, and creativity that enriches our workplace.

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Rahul : The Digital Sage

Meet Rahul, not just your dedicated assistant but a multifaceted individual weaving various threads of life into his daily routine. As the meticulous organizer behind clinic operations, Rahul ensures the seamless flow by overseeing inventory orders with precision.

Beyond the clinical setting, Rahul embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery through spirituality. His interest in understanding the depths of his own being reflects in the harmonious balance he strives to bring to both his personal and professional life.

In the digital realm, Rahul transforms his creativity into tangible content. A passionate educator,

he extends his knowledge beyond the clinic, crafting insightful online courses. This blend of practical dental expertise and pedagogical finesse demonstrates Rahul’s commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering learning.

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Stay Tuned, as we update this blogpost with stories of other team members.


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