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-Fundamental & Advance Techniques Of Public Speaking

-Creating & Delivering Presentations

-Becoming Confident & Enthusiastic While Speaking & Delivering Presentations

-How To Answer Any Question During And After Presentation

Learn Public Speaking

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  • 2 Hrs.

  • Who this course is for:

    • Anyone looking to improve their speech writing ability.

    • People called upon to recruit, persuade, challenge, reprimand, encourage, pacify and inspire.

    • Students with presentations to give.

    • Speakers delivering to staff, colleagues or the general public.

    • Businessmen/Businesswomen speaking about process, protocol, vision, updates or forthcoming changes.

    • CEO's and presentation givers.

    • Teachers giving speeches to parents, students, at social and public events.

    • Medical professionals delivering lectures.

    • Event speakers.

    • ...a great skill to have for those impromptu moments when called upon to speak at a moments notice!

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