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The information in this course is to to provide a framework for an in-house training program in oral healthcare settings, and to serve as a resource for oral healthcare personnel wishing to review evidence-based information on specific topics related to infection prevention, hazardous waste management, and hazard communication compliance.


Regular review of the information in this course will help train the new staff, prevent cross contaminations and infractions, so preventing unnecessary fines and closures. In This Course You will learn about the following:


1. Public Health Audit

2. Infection Control in Reception/Waiting Areas

3. Infection Control in Dental Operatories

4. Infection Control in Sterilization Areas/ Labs

5. Personal Protective Equipment

6. Sterilization Monitoring

7. How to handle sharps and biohazards

8. How to maintain the desired water quality in your dental office that is fit for dental use.

9. How to sterilize Critical items, such as surgical instruments and periodontal scalers, are those used to penetrate soft tissue or bone.

10. How to disinfect Noncritical patient-care items (e.g., radiograph head/cone, blood pressure cuff, facebow) , those that contact only skin.


The information presented in this course represents basic infection prevention expectations for safe care in dental health care settings. This guidance is not all-encompassing. DHCP and others are encouraged to refer to the original source documents provided by the provincial and federal regulatory authorities.

Dental Office Infection Control

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